Respawn explains Apex Legends cosmetic pricing: ‘math is harder than people think’

Big changes are coming to Apex Legends' resident medic, Lifeline

In an AMA on the Apex Legends subreddit, Respawn’s “director-level monetization guy” agreed to respond to questions about the battle royale’s cosmetics. A typical Apex Legends skin costs almost $20, which tests the limits of the word “microtransaction”. That’s why x5hadau asked, “there’s gotta be a way to prevent the player from feeling cheated when they buy something”.

The response from Respawn began by explaining that “Respawn is gameplay first” and avoiding making Apex Legends feel like it’s pay-to-win is behind some decisions: “That’s why Legends are grindable and Legend Tokens are generally easier to get to unlock Legends (yes, we know that has led to other challenges we have to fix…math is harder than people think and when your assumptions are wrong, it’s hard to adjust).”

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