Respawn has nerfed Apex Legends’ pesky new bow

Respawn has nerfed Apex Legends' pesky new bow

Respawn has reined in Apex Legends’ new Bocek bow, after the weapon’s razor-sharp arrows dominated the first week of the game’s Legacy season

Respawn shared the changes over on Twitter yesterday, and has since added them to the full Legacy patch notes. The Bocek, along with the Spitfire LMG, were both nerfed in one of two small updates posted last night—with the rest of the hotfixes devoted to fixing small issues with Arenas, new hero Valkyrie, and removing some extremely funny LOD bugs. Goodbye, Blobalore.

While the bow was useless in my clumsy, untrained hands, it had the potential to be absolutely brutal—and has been tweaked with increased draw speed, lowered body shot damage and smaller ammo stacks to compensate. The Spitfire, meanwhile, will do slightly less damage per-bullet, and higher level mags will store fewer of them.

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Respawn previously fixed a nasty bug that saw players dropped into battle royale on their lonesome, regardless of whether they had “fill teammates” toggled on or off. The servers have also somewhat recovered from an absolute pounding on Legacy’s launch, though at time of writing I’m still experiencing a few login hiccups.

There are a few issues yet to fix, including collision issues with some rocks on the Phase Runner arena map. But that hasn’t stopped Legacy from being a phenomenal season, helping Apex crush its concurrent player records.

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