Sega forces Yakuza: Like a Dragon off of SteamDB over piracy fears

Sega is Metacritic's top-ranked publisher of 2020

The Steam Database, or SteamDB, is a third-party tool that provides all sorts of information about games on Steam, from developer info and player numbers to release dates and modification times, update history, and configuration details. Pretty much anything you could possibly want to know about a game that’s on Steam, SteamDB can tell you.

Unless that game happens to be Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which as of very recently does not have a normal SteamDB page. Instead, there’s a message saying, “This page was taken down because SEGA is claiming we distribute their game here (we don’t),” and a link to a series of tweets that explains the situation in further detail.

(Image credit: SteamDB)

“Can anyone help getting in touch with Sega? Their lawyers are trying to take down Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s SteamDB page claiming that we distribute the game. I took the page down because they did not reply to the first abuse report and sent a new one to our hoster,” SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik wrote. 

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