Sony’s getting serious about VR on PS5, and that’s great news for everyone

Sony's getting serious about VR on PS5, and that's great news for everyone

Sony has revealed what will become the first purpose-built VR controllers for its PlayStation consoles. PSVR was a big success back with the PlayStation 4, and Sony has promised to revamp it and rerelease a bigger, better system on PS5. But this time there’s a key difference: No more dreadful PlayStation Move controllers.

Sorry if you’re a Move fan; these aging lightsticks just aren’t it when it comes to VR controllers. They are great for Sportsfriends, I’ll admit, but VR needs something with a little more dynamism. We’ve had a few swings at getting that mix right over in PC VR land, finally landing on two popular designs: the Valve Index Controllers and the Oculus Quest 2 controllers. Both have their pros and cons.

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