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Stylish JRPG Cris Tales hits PC in July

Stylish JRPG Cris Tales hits PC in July

Cris Tales seems to have a lot of what you’d expect from a JRPG: turn-based combat, very dramatic voice acting, and a seemingly inexplicable name. But it’s also distinctive enough to warrant attention, with its gorgeous hand-drawn art style and time-bending approach to combat. Initially scheduled to release in November last year, Cris Tales now has a July 20 release date.

The time manipulation stuff sounds pretty cool: protagonist Crisbell can warp between past, present and future, and combat plays out differently depending on which one you’re in. Back in October a spokesperson for studio Dreams Uncorporated said that developing Cris Tales is like “developing three different videogames at the same time.”

It definitely looks like an ambitious effort for a small studio. When it lands in July it’ll do so on the Epic Games Store and all the consoles (even Stadia).

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