The creator of NAND has a brave new idea for your gaming PC’s RAM

Now may be a great time to upgrade your RAM, as pricing could be about to rocket

Dr Fujio Masuoka is best known as the inventor of NAND, but if Dynamic Flash Memory pans out the way his company hopes, he could also be known as the progenitor of the replacement for DRAM too. 

A paper presented at the 13th IEEE International Memory Workshop on May 18th set out the promise of Dynamic Flash Memory (DFM) using Surround Gate Transistor (SGT) technology. This theoretical new memory type is similar to NAND Flash but offers higher densities compared to Dynamic RAM. 

(Image credit: Unisantis)

In case you’re not down with the gossip in the memory landscape, it has long been accepted that the future of DRAM is looking bleak. There are plenty of technologies lining up to replace the relatively inefficient memory we build our PCs around. The problem is, most of these alternatives are very expensive, especially when compared to DRAM.

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