The Dynasty Warriors movie looks predictably bonkers

The Dynasty Warriors movie looks predictably bonkers

The live-action Dynasty Warriors movie in production by a Hong Kong-based movie studio has a new trailer (embedded above), and it’s possibly good news if you like the series: The movie is clearly taking the spirit of the games and running with it. 

Opening on a series-staple riff of butt rock guitar, the trailer shows off stars Louis Koo, Wang Kai, Tony Yang, and Gulnezer Bextiyar in costume and combat. It is absolutely all-in on the Dynasty Warriors aesthetic: Heroes swing their weapons and dozens of normal soldiers go flying. Louis Koo’s Lu Bu swings his weapon and literally shoots a bolt of lightning into a formation. Guan Yu comes flying out of the sky like a meteor into the battlefield and he is literally on fire.

(Image credit: China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited)

Did I mention that Guan Yu is played by Han Geng, an ex-kpop singer from Super Junior and known as the “Dancing King” in China? I’m glad about it, honestly. It feels like such an over-the-top series warrants the star-studded megabudget treatment.

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