The most lust-worthy laptops of CES 2021

The most lust-worthy laptops of CES 2021

The big PC gaming announcements from this year’s CES are all to do with laptops. We’ve had Nvidia’s mobile RTX 30-series announcement, AMD’s Zen 3 transitioning across, and Intel introducing its H35 special edition chips. Given AMD Zen 3 and Nvidia RTX 3080 were the biggest releases on desktops in 2020, it was inevitable that they’d be appearing in laptops in 2021. And this is definitely a good thing.

One thing that is notable about a lot of these gaming laptops is that the chassis haven’t changed at all. Because they don’t really need to. Retooling is not something to be undertaken lightly, and the fact that the new GPUs and CPUs effectively drop into existing designs is reason enough to roll them out one more time. 

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