The Pachimari event skin for Overwatch’s Roadhog is profoundly silly

The Pachimari event skin for Overwatch's Roadhog is profoundly silly

Overwatch‘s celebration of that weird onion-octopus toy that it invented as an in-world prop but now unironically embraces, Pachimari, has reached new heights with the PachiMarchi challenge. For the duration of the event you can earn onion-octopus themed rewards like a player icon, a Pachimari emote for Junkrat, and if you win nine games you can get a Pachimari Roadhog skin. And I am here to talk about the Roadhog skin because it is hysterical.

Many of the characters in Overwatch have a skin that’s not very serious. Especially among the first generation of heroes, who tend to have at the very least a swimsuit or the like. Roadhog… doesn’t really have those. Sure, he has a holiday skin, and an ice fishing skin, but those are at least somewhat intimidating. Now, however, Roadhog can look like this: 

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Just a big fan, wouldn’t be out of place at a video game convention anywhere in the world. The adorable tilt of his head is what seals it for me. I can’t say I’m too versed on my Roadhog lore, but it’s been implied before that he’s into collecting Pachimari. I believe the revelation that the hog is in fact Pachimari’s #1 Fan, as it says on his belt buckle, is a new bit of canon, though. Turns out the big guy has a soft spot for something after all. 

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