There’s a whole 27 games coming day one on Game Pass for PC

Microsoft still won't give us an exact release date for Halo Infinite

E3 2021 saw Microsoft double down on the Game Pass as its main strategy—almost every game shown at the company’s presentation was led by the bold text “Play it day one with Xbox Game Pass”. With every first-party game landing on the subscription service simultaneously with its retail release, and now Bethesda’s lineup following suit, there’s a whole lot to look forward to.

It’s hard to deny that Game Pass has become one of the best-value ways to play games, offering hundreds of blockbuster and indie experiences for a fraction of their individual costs. And with Xbox embracing an increasing number of Japanese developers, there’s easily a game for everybody on there. While Game Pass for PC still doesn’t get every goodie that’s offered to Xbox One and Series X players, we still get a pretty big slice of the gaming pie. 

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