These are the 31 gaming companies Tencent invested in last year

Tencent acquires Warframe developer Digital Extremes and several other studios

Tencent Games, the world’s largest gaming company (and China’s second biggest tech firm), has its fingers in a lot of pies. In the gaming industry, it has investments in companies like Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard, and Epic. But in 2020, Tencent closed 300 percent more deals than it had the previous year—adding a whopping 31 gaming companies to its list of investments and acquisitions.

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The Chinese videogame industry is the biggest in the world but it often feels hidden behind a veil of language, government censorship, and good ol’ fashioned misunderstanding. That’s where our comprehensive guide to PC gaming in China can help. It covers everything: How PC gaming took over China, how the government tries to censor them, and how Steam has become an invaluable loophole for millions of Chiense PC gamers. 

This all comes courtesy of Niko Partners, the leading market research and consulting firm for Asia’s enormous gaming industry. In a recent blog post, the company outlined several of the biggest market trends for the Asian games market, but the most fascinating is Tencent’s aggressive investment into smaller gaming companies. 

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