These shoes are an RTX 3080-powered PC

These shoes are an RTX 3080-powered PC

NZXT is a hardware manufacturer that makes cases, components, and accessories for the PC gaming market. RTKFT makes “virtual and physical next-gen collectible sneakers for the best esports, gaming, and entertainment celebrities.” Each is a powerhouse in its own field, but when they come together like the proverbial chocolate and peanut butter, the results are… well, kind of confusing, really.

Is it a shoe that looks like a PC? Or a tiny PC that looks like a shoe? Or is it just a weird piece of ridiculously expensive swag to put up on your shelf between your Assassin’s Creed statuette and GTA coffee mug? At first glance, I honestly couldn’t tell, and neither RTFKT—that’s “Artifact” phonetically, by the way—nor NZXT were very helpful in clarifying.

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