Think your PC’s custom cooling loop is sweet? Intel’s Cryoprober gets down near -459°F

Think your PC's custom cooling loop is sweet? Intel's Cryoprober gets down near -459°F

Quantum computing is changing the landscape in terms of how we process data. And although we may not see the full effects for some years, we can still marvel at advancements in the field as they slingshot us into the future many of us saw painted across our childhood dreams. But there are hurdles to overcome before that future is realised—cooling being a huge one. Right now, Intel is making strides to make those dreams a reality.

Quantum computing, especially quantum computing at scale, uses a lot of processing power. And with processing power comes heat. Lots and lots of heat. If you thought it was difficult to get your CPU down to 160°F while gaming, imagine trying to cool it to absolute zero (that’s -459.67°F) before it’s able to do anything.

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