This stunning model of Genshin Impact’s Liyua Harbor took 1,000 hours to build

This stunning model of Genshin Impact's Liyua Harbor took 1,000 hours to build

[Non-OC] Liyue Harbor IRL that took 1000 hours of work from r/Genshin_Impact

From rolling hills and misty peaks to quaint and colourful anime towns, Genshin Impact is undeniably a gorgeous game. For one group of Chinese fans, the game’s visual style was striking enough that they decided to spend 1000 hours painstakingly rebuilding Liyue Harbor as a stunning scale model.

Appearing on Chinese video streaming site Bilibili (and subsequently shared to Reddit), the incredible build seems to have taken the team two months of work to complete. The full video explains how the model harbour was put together by 3D printing hundreds of fences, bridges, pathways and buildings—cleaning up the prints and painting them before putting everything together in one massive assembly.

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