This water-resistant mechanical keyboard is super-affordable at just $21

This water-resistant mechanical keyboard is super-affordable at just $21

Mechanical keyboards have risen in popularity over the past few years, and with good reason—they offer a more pleasant typing experience compared to mushy membrane planks. The rise in popularity also means they don’t necessarily carry a premium. Aukey’s TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard certainly doesn’t—you can snag one for $20.99 on Amazon right now.

It’s on sale for $29.99, down from its $45.99 list price, both of which are rather affordable in the realm of mechanical keyboards. But just below the pricing info, there’s a pull-down menu to redeem a 30 percent off coupon (if you don’t see it, just enter WD963SYF at checkout). That knocks it down to $20.99, saving you $25 over the MSRP.

Low Price Mechanical Keyboard

Aukey Mechanical Keyboard | Blue Switches | $45.99 $20.99 at Amazon (save $25)
It’s not too often we see mechanical keyboards priced this low, especially ones that are water-resistant. This one features Blue switches, meaning the key action is tactile and clicky.View Deal

Bear in mind that as a TKL board, it lacks a dedicated number pad, which is a drag if you do a lot of number crunching. However, the benefit is a more compact footprint than a full-size plank. It also lacks a backlight.

What it does have, however, are clicky blue switches (my personal preference), full N-key rollover with anti-ghosting (you’ll never be able to type faster than this keyboard can register your keystrokes), and water resistance.

As for the keycaps, they are double-shot molded ABS. They’ll probably develop a shine over time, but hey, this is about as cheap as it gets for a mechanical keyboard.

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