Twitch API code appears to set a ‘Brand Safety Score’ for streamers

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Cybersecurity researcher Daylam Tayari has found code within Twitch’s internal API that suggests that the streaming site plans to define “Brand Safety Scores” for individual streamers. The score appears to grade how brand-friendly a streamer is, using variables such as the age of the streamer (whether they’re 18 or older, or 21 or older), their ban history, their relationship with Twitch, how the channel implements Automod, the ESRB rating of the game being streamed, whether the channel is set to mature audiences, as well as a manual rating and keywords for the channel set “by a Twitch-affiliated reviewer.”

In the code, the score is referenced in relation to ads. A comment reads: “Grabs the Brand Safety Score of a channel as well as relevant data used to calculate it. Also returns custom parameters about this channel to forward to VAES for ad targetting purposes.”

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