Twitch outlaws ‘simp’ and ‘incel’ as sexually disparaging insults

Twitch outlaws 'simp' and 'incel' as sexually disparaging insults

Last week Twitch announced changes to its hateful conduct and harassment policy that will, among other things, impose a ban on the Confederate flag, blackface, and unwelcome sexual comments. Many of the changes were simply a clarification of regulations that already exist, presumably aimed at closing the door on people claiming ignorance of the rules when they break them. Twitch also said that it would “look at the content of statements or actions in order to determine whether a behavior is abusive and violates our guidelines, rather than relying solely on perceived intent” under the new rules.

To help ease everyone into the new system, which will take effect in January, Twitch scheduled three livestreams intended to explain them in detail and answer any questions that might come up. The second livestream, “Town Hall: Overview of the Policy and Enforcement,” took place today, and raised some questions when Twitch COO Sara Clemens said the words “simp” and “incel” will no longer be allowed “as insults” under the new policy.

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