Two World of Warcraft players kill a boss with 1.8 million HP that’s supposed to take 40 people

Two World of Warcraft players kill a boss with 1.8 million HP that's supposed to take 40 people

World of Warcraft Classic has proven one thing: WoW players are a hell of a lot better than they were a decade ago. Raid bosses that used to torment players—that required no less than 40 people armed to the teeth with the best equipment—are now being absolutely squashed without much effort. 

Take Onyxia, for example. Back in the day, this intimidatingly large black dragon was one of WoW’s first-ever raid bosses and was responsible for the infamous “More DOTS!” meme due how difficult she could be. But in WoW Classic (which is a near perfect recreation of vanilla WoW), she’s been killed in all sorts of embarrassing ways, like the time 32 warriors practically one-shotted her in a record-breaking 54 seconds, or when a 40-person raid group killed her without wearing any clothes. But today two players dealt the ultimate blow to Onyxia’s frightful legacy by managing to whittle down all 1.8 million of her hitpoints by themselves. Why bring 40 players when two will suffice? 

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