Uh oh, this ghillie suit is literally turning Call of Duty: Warzone players invisible

Uh oh, this ghillie suit is literally turning Call of Duty: Warzone players invisible

What’s better camouflage than a ghillie suit crafted out of grass and moss? A ghillie suit made of bugs.

Beware, Call of Duty: Warzone players: a five-month-old purchasable skin is turning players invisible. Players wearing the bugged outfit will appear partially invisible to enemies the further away they get, making it the most effective ghillie suit you could ever ask for.

You can see the strange effect in a recent video by Warzone streamer Scop3s. The player wearing the skin becomes increasingly hard to see as Scop3s moves further away. The player will skin will reappear when looking through a scope or aiming down sights, but only up to a certain distance. Eventually, enough of the player will disappear that only their head and weapon are visible. At extreme distances, this effectively makes the user invisible. Based on that, my guess is that this issue is related to LOD (level of detail) or draw distance.

These are the distances at which players will disappear while using the skin, according to Scop3’s anecdotal testing, keeping in mind that he’s playing on console:

  • Without ADS: 34 meters
  • Aiming down sights: 55 meters
  • Aiming with a 4X scope: 125 meters

It’s hard to tell exactly how long this bug has been in the game, but the cosmetic causing released all the way back in August 2020. The skin in question is a Grinch outfit called Forest Spirit, which can only be purchased in the Eloko bundle for 1,800 COD points (or around $18).

Players that already have the skin can (and are) utilizing this bug, but since the Eloko bundle isn’t currently in Warzone’s rotating cosmetic store, there seems to be no legitimate way to acquire it right now. So that’s a bit of a relief.

This isn’t the first time Warzone players have grappled with invisible troublemakers. Back in December, newly-added attacker helicopters could be exploited to turn yourself invisible. Activision quickly killed the bug entirely by removing the aircraft. Hopefully, a similar option can be exercised to prevent the Forest Spirit bug from spreading any further.

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