Unexplored 2 is the most innovative adventure game I’ve played in years

Unexplored 2 is the most innovative adventure game I've played in years

Unexplored 2 comes so close to nailing the sense of adventure I got the first time I read Lord of the Rings. It’s technically a roguelike like Dead Cells or Hades, but it’s much easier to think of Unexplored 2 as an adventure simulator. Instead of being trapped in a dungeon that reassembles itself into new configurations each time I die, I’m set loose into an expansive and enchanting fantasy world that is constantly in a state of flux. To survive, I have to forage, fight, and talk my way through a gauntlet of different challenges. While it doesn’t replicate the fun social dynamics of playing Dungeons & Dragons with a group of pals, it often feels like I’m playing a tabletop campaign uniquely crafted just for me.

That Unexplored 2 channels Lord of the Rings is definitely not an accident. I play as the Wayfarer, a pilgrim from a clan tasked with the responsibility of carrying a powerful artifact, the Staff of Yendor, across forests, mountains, and deserts to a sacred place called the Prime Elemental Forge. Bonus points if you already predicted this: My mission is to destroy it. If I fail, the nefarious Empire and its vast armies will eventually steal it and use its powerful magic to aid in their global conquest.

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