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Valheim didn’t need mods to summon this horrifying Thomas The Tank Engine

Valheim didn't need mods to summon this horrifying Thomas The Tank Engine

Given enough time, players will eventually find a way to bring Thomas The Tank Engine into any game. The terrifying locomotive has famously taken on the role of Skyrim’s Alduin, and pursued Resident Evil 2: Remake players as an even more monstrous Mr. X. Now, the chuckling train has laid tracks in Valheim—no mods required.

Spotted on Reddit, the original monster appears to have been created by Chinese player qwe2256789 late last month. In lieu of Valheim having any actual, well, trains, qwe has gone off and murdered a troll, popped its head on a stick and build a wooden locomotive around it.

The result is, well, ghoulish.

While our Robin worried that the Troll was still alive, standing in a pit and wearing a train as a hat, Troll-mas The Tank Engine is very much dead. His eyes are lifeless. He cannot harm you. He cannot harm us.

It’s one of the more horrific Valheim builds we’ve seen, for sure. But It’s an incredibly clever use of an unorthodox building material. Considering the Valheim community’s aerial obsessions, I wouldn’t be shocked to see someone yeet Thomas into the sky as part of the Viking Space Program.

All aboard the express service to Valhalla!

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