Valheim has fireworks, if you’re willing to sacrifice your surtling cores

Valheim has fireworks, if you're willing to sacrifice your surtling cores

If you’ve spent time exploring the darkened burial chambers and slurpy swamps of Valheim, you’ve probably collected your fair share of surtling cores. The glowing, presumably evil cubes can be used to craft some of the most important items in the game like smelters, kilns, blast furnaces, and fast-travel portals. Early in the game, surtling cores are a pretty precious resource that takes a lot of dangerous work and exploration to find.

So you’ve no doubt been storing your surtling cores carefully in a chest, doling them out only when you need to build an important device or set up a new portal in a remote destination. Chucking a surtling core haphazardly into your campfire? It probably wouldn’t be your first instinct.

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