Valorant pro Sinatraa suspended for not cooperating with sexual assault investigation

Valorant pro Jay 'Sinatraa' Won accused of sexual assault by former partner

Valorant pro Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won, who earlier this year was accused of sexual assault by an ex-girlfriend, has been suspended from competitive play for six months. The suspension is not a response to the alleged assault itself, however, but for failing to fully cooperate with Riot’s investigation into the matter, which violates the requirements of Valorant’s Global Competition Policy.

Riot launched its investigation in March after detailed allegations of physical assault and emotional abuse were shared by Cleo Hernandez, who had been in a relationship with Won for nine months. The next day, Won denied “assaulting her in any way,” and said that the relationship “was unhealthy for us both.” He also pledged to fully cooperate with the investigation, and said specifically that he would turn over audio and video clips (recorded consensually) of the two having sex that Hernandez had referenced in her allegations.

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