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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 ventures into the Chaos Wastes next month

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 ventures into the Chaos Wastes next month

In Warhammer’s Old World, the Chaos Wastes are the one place you’d never want to visit. An ever-shifting nightmare realm of monsters, carnage, and physics so broken they’d make Garry’s Mod look sensible. Naturally, Warhammer: Vermintide 2‘s band of disgruntled adventurers are preparing for a trip up north when the rat-smasher’s next DLC arrives this April.

Developer Fatshark announced next month’s release with a new teaser, cryptically suggesting that “Chaos is not the only power in this benighted world.” Is the other one rats? It’s probably rats.

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Don’t expect monsters to get too slimy in the wastes, mind. Tempering expectations in the replies, Fatshark explains that there won’t be new enemies in the expansion from day one—and while the developer is “exploring the possibilities with earnest”, it isn’t promising any new additions down the road.

Expect to continue punching rats for the foreseeable future, then.

The devs haven’t said too much about what we’ll actually be doing in The Chaos Wastes, though some new campaign missions seem a fair bet. An extension to the Winds Of Magic mode (which added chaotic new modifiers and objectives to existing maps) also seems likely, along with new weapons for each character. Expect to hear concrete details closer to release.

Vermintide 2’s last major expansion, Winds Of Magic, was pretty poorly received, and still sits with a “mostly negative” rating on Steam. Since then, Fatshark has been working hard to turn the game around—so we’ll see whether The Chaos Wastes can stick the landing better than the beastmen.

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