We want to scoop Digital Combat Simulator World’s fluffy clouds up and eat them

We want to scoop Digital Combat Simulator World's fluffy clouds up and eat them

Developer Eagle Dynamics has shown off its upcoming work on Digital Combat Simulator World, a free-to-play military simulator, and it’s all about volumetric, fluffy, puffed-out clouds. Just look at these things!

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The volumetric clouds and their preset weather conditions “vary in number of layers, coverage, density, elevations, thickness, precipitation and more.” And more! The full notes are here, including a reassurance that “the Mission Editor weather tool will be enhanced to allow you to create your own weather presets. We are also pleased to confirm that the new clouds are synchronised for network play.”

You want to see some clouds at night? Boom baby:

(Image credit: Eagle Dynamics)

“Boom baby” or words to that effect are what I imagine many players of Digital Combat Simulator quietly whisper to themselves in the virtual cockpit of an F-16 Viper, as their gleaming metal machines soar through this gorgeous cottony cumulus.

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