Why game developers hate doors

Why game developers hate doors

I don’t like to brag, but I’ve passed through many doors in my life and only occasionally made an error that resulted in either pain or embarrassment (and sometimes even both). Opening and closing doors is a very basic skill we all possess, but translating that whole process into a videogame? Not easy. At least, that’s what hundreds of developers had to say yesterday when Stephan Hövelbrinks, the developer of Death Trash, opened up about the surprisingly difficult challenge of implementing basic doors in games.

The distress over the act of egress kicked off when Hövelbrinks shared a screenshot of his own Discord post in which he explains all of the complications that doors create in games. “Doors are complicated to have in games and have all sorts of possible bugs,” Hövelbrinks wrote. “Mostly because they’re a dynamic funnel and block in the pathfinding, potentially locked, potentially destructible, but in general because they sit potentially between any game interaction or character to character situation from here to there.”

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