XCOM 2 is on sale for less than $5

XCOM 2 is on sale for less than $5

You can play some very good games for very cheap. Those ranks now include XCOM 2, the best tactical game of 2016 and currently on sale on Steam for $4.80. That’s £2.80 or AUD$7.20 or CDN$ 6.40. That’s cheap, because it’s on sale for 92% off worldwide, which is to say in every Steam region. It’s a mad price for a game I got 200 hours out of before it even had an expansion pack.

If you’re feeling more extravagant, the XCOM 2 collection, which includes all the DLC, is 85% off, just $20. I’m not going to do all the currencies again because I think you get it by this point in the article: They’ve been on sale before, but as far as I know this is a new low. The price-tracking hawks at SteamDB seems to agree.

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