XIII is free on GOG (and it’s the original, which does not suck)

XIII is free on GOG (and it's the original, which does not suck)

The remake of cel-shaded FPS XIII launched to disastrous effect in November 2020. It has an “overwhelmingly negative” user review score on Steam, and while we didn’t review it ourselves, its aggregate score on Metacritic is just 30 out of 100. It was bad enough that developer PlayMagic and publisher Microids issued a joint apology for the whole thing.

The list of all the ways the remake got it wrong is comprehensive: Bugs and poor performance were big issues, but the audio remix was also bad and for some reason the developers decided to go with more detailed, and distinctly less stylish, graphics. The botched redo was doubly disappointing because the original XIII, from 2003, is a lot of fun. 

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