You can now turn on Nvidia’s excellent noise cancellation with any GeForce GPU

You can now turn on Nvidia's excellent noise cancellation with any GeForce GPU

Nvidia’s noise removal feature, formerly released as RTX Voice, does a pretty stellar job of removing unwanted background noise for your microphone and PC audio. You can see for yourself in the video below if you don’t believe me. At its release, almost a year ago, it was officially limited to RTX graphics cards, but with the latest update Nvidia has opened it up to anyone with a GeForce, Titan, or Quadro GPU.

With the latest update to RTX Voice, which now goes by ‘Noise Removal’ in the RTX Broadcast app, it’s possible to run the feature across a wide range of GPU generations (nice spot, Tom’s Hardware). You’ll need to pick up the latest version of the Broadcast app to get it up and running. From there it’s fairly self-explanatory: you open the app, select your mic input, and decide what degree you’d like to remove unwanted background noise.

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